Rock of Ages
Bro. Robert and Debbie Keeton
Bro. Robert and Jeanette Bottom -- Harris County Jails, Houston, Texas
Mrs. Judy Gearis

Jewish Missions
Bro. Glenn and Sandra Border

Dominican Republic
Bro. Ron and Kathy Valerio

Bro. Bob and Naomi Nichols
Bro. Charles and Isabel Nichols
Bro. Bob and Iara Nichols, Jr.

Spanish Missions USA
Bro. Oscar and Sefe Leal -- Corpus Christi, TX
Bro. Joel and Karen Silos -- New Braunfels, TX
Bro. Michael and Cheral Granger -- Orange, TX

Missionaries to the Deaf
Bro. John (Jack) and Dorothea Francis -- United States

Bro. Matt and Keila Stensaas
Bro. Mark and Joan Wallace

Bro. Luke and Tonya Shelby

Miss. Cynthia Castillo


Far East
Dr. Les and Bonnie Frazier

Bro. Frederick  and Antoinette Kearney

FBMI Director
Dr. Dan and Lana Seimer

Church Planter
Bro. Keith and Rhonda Bridges -- Oregon

Christian Law Association
Dr. David Gibbs

Mrs. Diane Arender
Bro. Emanuel and Helen Digap

Reformers Unanimous
Bro. Jeremy and Amanda Amster

Bro. John and Cindy Byrers

Bro. Ben and Kayla McGuffee

Paupa New Guinea
Bro. Mark and Christy Helzerman

Bro. Joe and Jan Matacchiera

Vancouver, B. C.
Bro. Jesse and Tena Luper

Helping Hands Ministry
Bro. Mike and Teresa Gardner

Bro. Jackques and Marie Alexandre
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