January 4 -- Genesis 4:1-15
  1.  What was Adam and Eve's first son's name? (4:1)
  2.  Where was Abel when Cain slew him? (4:8)
    In his bed asleep
Eating lunch
Feeding the cows
In the field
  3.  What cried unto God after Cain killed Abel? (3:10)
    His mother
Abel's blood
His father
A lawyer
  4.  What received Abel's blood? (4:11)
    A doctor
His mother
The earth
  5.  Why was Cain given a mark to set him apart? (4:15)
    So no one would kill him
To show everyone what he had done
So his mother and father could always know where he was
So he would always be sorry for what he had done
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